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After I graduate from college in Canada, I start pictures through a dog at home. He is a photographer born in Heisei who likes animals, traveling and cross-cultures. Taking over 100 dogs and cats a week at work while photographing the dog's work. Other, Newborn Maternity Live etc are also taken. I want to leave the natural feeling of everyday in the photograph! I want you to use it by all means. Even if you are traveling for the first time, do not worry, we will create an atmosphere that will allow you to relax. ★ Pet photography Since animals are close to being small, we devise themselves to attract attention of pets and will continue shooting while touching the character of that child. Even now, I live with a large dog small dog. I love animals that both autonomous and others can recognize. It is liked by dogs rather than heterosexuals. ★ New baby, a baby soon after birth such as a shrine visit. On that day, I will leave a lot of natural facial expressions while holding a break, etc., first in the condition of the child. I have received a word that it was possible to leave a slightly different original photo from the photo gallery. We also prepare some props, but even the accessories prepared by ourselves are OK. Looking backwards, I will keep in mind the natural pictures that seem to have been such a thing.

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People and Portrait Photography


After I graduate from college in Canada, I start pictures through my dog ​​at home. Taking over 100 dogs and cats a week, taking pictures of dogs. Not only animals, but also Newborn maternity etc taken. Experience winning the Kitamura Photo Contest

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Comment: さいたま市からの出張となります。場所によりましては、出張費追加となります。

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