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One side A4-sized color print-ready data :JPY10,000

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Design production, after the experience of 15 years as product manufacturers, printing companies, such as from the spring of this year as a freelance activities. We experience the logo design company, brand and product range.

Company logo and toys related, sports-related cosmetics, Hawaii-related, we have particular experience and better suggestions.
And faithfully embody the concept of customer Any suggestions for us to even better is available.

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  • Area:Japan
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Corporate logo / toys / sports-related / cosmetic related / Hawaii related


Participated in the project of various industries such as giant food, toys, games and sports.

Please provide the clear design born from the CI, VI, packaging, advertising, SP tools, flyers and product design experience.
[Activities] As the leading Breadmaker chain store logo and manufacturers toys product logo / marine sports brand product logo or Hawaiian jewellery brand logo

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