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Starts with communication with customers is the base of our business.

By priorities and advance the work quickly while at the same time advance the production upon can only visit on the US intention to ask seeks to optimize email, fax, telephone, etc, will be to improve the planning, production and design. Also make full use of expertise from ad agency network, engaged in staff organization appropriate to fit the contents of your work.

Shoot and print, of course, and backup for the Yoyogi animation Gakuin illustrations and cartoons, we select are appropriate from the large number of touch. We believe we build trusted relationships with your design through the exclusive designer works to contribute.

Happy first please feel free to contact us.
[Main business]
• Graphic design
(Brochures, posters etc)
• Editorial design
(Catalogue, magazine, magazine etc)
◎ illustrations
(Characters, illustrations etc)
◎ comic production
CI / VI.
• Package design • Product development

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Graphic design, illustration, character design, comics and animation production


◎ Japan graphic designers Association ( JAGDA )


We are activities focusing on design and illustration of the manga. As a design office and especially adept at comic production we have support from many people. The strengths of the US's tenacity mind fun and not give up. Attitude to any challenge head-on, forget the best performance until the end. This is our motto.


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