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Standard Fee

1 min dialogue :JPY2,000

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Jp 日本語

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For more information, visit thank you honey Ridge is a lily.
◆ personal enjoyment to those seeking ◆
Is the ad lib, etc. below ♦ on request content and script ♦ please visit.
◆ better considering the requests of CM voice ◆

CM voice 15 s 3000 yen ~, 30 sec 5,000 yen-accepted standard.

Please request above also is looking to sell other, download hentai movies.
♦ about the content of the request and the script ♦
-Does not support your request to lecture demonstration Journal of sexual.
Please note that does not offer voice name itself comes into the title and scenario demonstration wind works well.

-Chupa sound effects sound cannot be met.
-In the script there are adult-friendly elements relates to the disposition of special- And vague "--of doing you?
"That is when you have any questions
Cannot determine whether or not actually read the script and get the part.
Sassy ones, such as for example from the situation saying "ball torture" and one bite also hurt the massage much trampling are pretty widely.
Very helpful if you confirm the libretto, with tough talk, but please ask us first. So, if you refuse to confirm as soon as soon its informed and do not reveal scripts include assured.
(May seem obvious but just in case)

Please note that the may decline depending on the content.
♦ talk ad lib ♦
We refuse a request left to voice to create a scenario can't offload many orders.
So please thank you.
Please consult about Improv piece part of the scenario.

If the objection is not to create scenarios such as breathing or gasping voice as 1-400 character approaching chip adjustment on orders please.
♦ voice characteristics ♦ Journal in the Kansai dialect is possible for a student lived in the Kansai region.

Recorded here convert to words written in standard Japanese is OK of course.
♦ recording environment ♦ -Support in the current home directory only.

Please refer to the below equipment.
♦ contact ♦
-Request contact directly, if you are
yurina.mitsumine ★ gmail.com To contact us.

(★, @ to submit the change)
Delivery ♦ ♦ And try as possible after confirmation of payment, well in advance of delivery.
Fewer letters are ready to be shipped.
-Not specified, 128bps/44.1kHz/ mono /wav delivered in. -If you specify when you request file cat is split free up to 10.

If more than 10 responds in chips 20 yen per unit.
♦ about the sample voice ♦
Narrated music using music

Amacha Music Studio (http://amachamusic.chagasi.com/)-like than we borrowed.

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There are no project which is permited to show here.


Game CV, CV app, audio drama, narration, teaching voice


All ages towards the street vision and voice go CM narrated.

18 doujin works has appeared in the following.
Fandub /CaCao-90% News Hit Wide No. 1 once broadcasts / 宇月 zero-Marina
3D works and one Cowen ☆ Studio / strike-the-missing file / heroine
Blame fandub / ginyuu Soiree/m men's onasapo support center and magic dirt House transformation instructions + simulative Kansai-Ben + ejaculation control Ve / Aki
Fandub / succubus guide / succubus Guide No.01/ Tellico
Fandub/Black Shadow/OL cum drinking episode 5
Doacross 2 / PC games / Red Beard Mfg / woman warrior misery, Abigail B WiSH / erection after quick blowjob! thighs including was immediately whip schoolgirl is extracurricular activities in school / character name can blow at any time
No Pillow talk sex vol.2 / character name fandub /CaCao-90% / voice
Games / liquid soul society and precocious Princess-Enchanted lolicon meat urinal from-/ tsuki役
Fandub /plastic water / de M a ijimete wanted inadvertently bullying darn Fox boobs daughter / Miroir
Fandub/cat or Fox! love / eroge's and bracing little devil sister shisukon onii-CHAN to talk?
House fandub /plastic water / chemo-dog cum service's daughter Wang ☆-/ Satsuki help Smartphone towards game / meat urinal woman school production Committee / meat urinal Gakuen / Nishijima Yuko Cocksucker


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