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Making a 1 min. Corporate Video :private

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Jp 日本語


First name alone, village Keisuke Tanaka.
With dozens of years of experience in video production and design company, became independent.
Design, video production and drone shooting, we are.
(1) your advertising materials (having the effect) to produce
(2) high price of advertising agencies, design companies and film companies, want to know the price (Iii) produce something on your concerns may be trivial things, please consult, we will propose a strategic design.

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  • Career:6year(s)
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Design, video production, and drone shoot


Production summary

(1) logo banner catalog, brochure, newspaper ads, magazine advertising and company profile and leaflet poster, flyer and leaflets produced inserts, card, DM and image processing (clippings, correction, compositing etc...).etc.

(2) PR pictures, Bridal image, infographic video, animation, PowerPoint visuals, drone shot

[Design experience:
◆ nikoniko video Banner
◆ dental clinic Polo shirt
◆ IHI related company Company Profile
◆ Kubota related company Company Profile
◆ oil Research Institute Company Profile and Catalog
◆ Sanyo industries Catalog
◆ Kawasaki heavy industries, Ltd. Company newsletter ◆ parts manufacturers Leaflet
◆ cosmetics maker Package ◆ IT Corporate Logo Banner
◆ real estate Logo
◆ cram Logo & Leaflet
◆ Super Leaflet
◆ building Signboard

◆ Corporate Logo and other Catalog Banner.

[Video production experience:
◆ Asahi Kasei affiliates ◆ cradle
◆ cleaning manufacturer
◆ IT companies
◆ foreign-financed manufacturers
◆ University
◆ Hospital
◆ Seminar
◆ exhibition
◆ dining
◆ video productions
◆ Bridal
◆ Sergi effects and processing ◆ sales tools


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