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One 3D modering data :JPY3,000

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Is the company that produced the 3D data for businesses. Study on design and design support for various fields and applications are available. Your 3D printer and laminate molding machine, etc.
Especially design of architectural aspect reputation. In recent years increased the importance of 3D data in product development, has become essential. Also, by providing services to respond to the development period shortening tend to speedy corresponds to the short delivery time. We are from packaging such as bottles, containers manufactures various areas until the plastic mold related, such as household electrical appliances, auto parts, medical equipment, information processing equipment. On both surfaces and solids capable, diverse data formats will answer to the needs of our customers. We want to help you in your supportive role, through the supply of 3D data in areas such as design and design development.

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3D CAD data

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