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 From 4 Koma widely engaged, sports cartoons and comics history.    
 You can also change the pattern to fit the contents.
Episode cartoon advertising and personal and autobiographical comics such as draw caricatures are good at. 
The work is quite speedy. Best regards.

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Caricature cartoon-4 piece-advertising-autobiographical comics, comic,...


In 1985, in SF comedy debuted in the magazine fresh jump. Basketball manga serialized in the monthly boys ' manga. Fuji Fuji male Prize-ビックコッミクスペリ all 4 コマフェスティバル Award and the rookie comic Awards many award-winning and. Since 2000, the shopping city PR magazine and history Digest comics such as planning production publishing. This year 2008 produced laugh and easy-to-understand badminton book manga 130 P requests. Well received and picked up both TV and newspapers, including sales as well.    

 Is currently the regional magazine 3 magazine serialized short comic (5 years or so). Tokyo local information monthly magazine in full-color comic in the series. 
Surfing youth comic in the mobile delivery series. 

Romantic Comedy Mobile cartoon hater other during delivery for HP advertising cartoon published several, in a WEB-based business comic site UP.
Tokyo and Kansai plates Este book of adult comics produced one major pharmaceutical company for HP anime Flash animation illustrating WOWWOW3 iPhone CM for four-frame cartoon production JR West Japan Meister for poster art by JR East Japan brochure for cartoon configuration and illustration  
 Mobile game, character design and background animation health this illustration released in overseas travel guide to this illustration released in other business comic book drawn launched in the various progress, during the production.


As long as this schedule you have, we will respond quickly and in any type of content and style, so thank you.

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