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On-Site Photo Shoot 1 hour :JPY20,000

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Learn the basics of photography at a photo studio (Tokyo), and learn a lot of advertising photography from fashion, jewelry, cooking, architectural photography to art photography at a photography office (Tokyo) and become free. Moved the base to Hakodate, Hokkaido and became a photo office. He has been a photography instructor for major film makers and camera makers. Shooting at hotels and restaurants, shooting interviews with major gourmet magazines, famous economic magazines, shooting science magazines, etc., mainly in the Hakodate / Sapporo area. From mail-order sales and hometown tax payments to product photography for EC sites. Bridal-related location photo shoots, business trip shoots for children and family photos, ID photos, etc. Produces youtube videos, local governments, corporate PR videos, etc. from shooting to editing. Photo cropping and compositing, logo production from Rettachi. It consists of cameramen in their 30s and 60s, video creators, Photoshop engineers, and photography coordinators.

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Food Photography


Travel expenses will be incurred for business trip photography if it exceeds 20 km. We also have a studio for portrait photography and rental costumes for adults. Please feel free to contact us for video shooting, editing, telop work, etc.

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Large Photo Studio suitable for model photography

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