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nice to meet you. I have about 20 years of experience in the advertising industry. I used to run an advertising agency for design, direction, and sales, but is it a wave of the times? This time, it is a restart from 1 by saying the origin regression. I mainly worked on almighty jobs, but my main job was real estate advertising, which was compatible with all SP tools. Until now, I have been in charge of more than 100 condominium projects. As mentioned above, we will flexibly support all-rounders. Thank you for your cooperation.

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General advertising related to real estate, etc.


After graduating from high school, I learned about my work history while working at a design company. After that, he got a job at a printing company, learned DTP, moved to the SP department of an advertising agency, and was in charge of "Daikyo" of Lions Mansion.・ Produced posters for model room signs, events, and traffic advertisements. After that, although it was a company with about 10 people, I opened an advertising agency and have been working with about 15 local developers for about 20 years as a company with strong real estate advertising. After that, the company was dismantled and it is currently active as a freelancer.

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