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Nice to meet you, my name is Mocha. Pretty girl, sexy girl, cool girl I am good at drawing beautiful girls and moe girls in various scenes. In terms of communication, we emphasize speed and certainty, and we strive to respond immediately when you contact us. I will do my best, so I look forward to working with you.

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Illustration, character design


After graduating from university in 4 years, he started illustrator as a side job for employment at a general company. Received requests mainly for commissions and handled more than 100 requests. Illustration, character design, cover / jacket design.


<Please tell us the following when making a request. > 〇Contents of the requested illustration ・ Please tell us your desired content such as characters, settings, situations, and stories before and after.・ Please prepare as many images as possible as reference materials so that you can share the images. <Please check in advance> ◯ This is an illustration for men that mainly draws girls. ◯ You can also make an illustration based on the photo. ◯ If there is no background, please specify if you have a favorite background color. If not specified, we will leave it to you. × Illustrations that violate the law and terms of use cannot be created. × It is not possible to draw a love affair between men. × We do not waive the copyright. Please do not resell the illustrations or claim that you made them. * We will manufacture one item at a time, so if there are multiple requests, we may discuss the delivery period. * The data format we will give you is jpg, but please let us know if you wish. * The produced work may be used as a sample in the future.

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