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On-Site Photo Shoot 1 hour :JPY3,000

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We are currently working mainly on a video creator company called 4th clue. The genre is mainly in charge of shooting, editing, and directing wedding videos, corporate PR, and event videos, but we can also handle other projects, so please feel free to contact us. I also have an interest in school-related work because I have been in contact with a closed elementary school for a year and made a video that conveys my feelings. If you have any projects such as school PR, please do! Since I am shooting weddings, I am good at making emotional images, so I am looking forward to those who want to keep their feelings firmly in the image, not the recorded image! Owned equipment 5Dmark3/α6500.6300/EF24-70.70-200/SELP18-105G/SEL50F18F/ editing software premier pro/illustrator/photo shop/after effects (mild)

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  • Area:Japan
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Wedding Photography,Interview Photography,Event / School Photography,Film Shooting,People and Portrait Photography

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