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[24 hours quick response! High quality! ] If you edit the cut and insert the caption, it will be delivered quickly! We promise the high quality of TV programs! [Company VP] We have experience in medical and recruitment. Please contact us. [YouTube video editing] Please feel free to contact us for planning, scripting, editing / thumbnail production of YouTube. ● Cut editing There are two important points in editing. 1) You can watch it without getting tired at a good tempo. 2) You can convey the message accurately. Therefore, I try to edit the cut to cut out “correct” and “necessary parts”. ● High-quality telops and BGM sound effects Use [typeface] [BGM] according to the image of the video and the audience. In particular, telops have the effect of improving the quality of VTRs by devising ways to put them out in addition to the typeface. ● Video / sound adjustment We will adjust the brightness and color level of the image and the sound level to help produce higher quality video! ● Script production and shooting advice We will also provide advice such as “more transparent script production” and “how to take pictures that are easy to see”. [Editing software] Adobe premierePRO Adobe photoshop Adobe Illustrator [Working time] Since the staff are at home, the environment is flexible. Please let us know your request. [About delivery date] We would like to respond as flexibly as possible. Please contact us once. [Guideline for ordering] 1) Request for editing image and provide materials (client) 2) Cut editing / telop insertion / sounding work (our company) → Basic editing fee 5 minutes 5000 yen → youtube thumbnail 3000 yen 3) Client Check 4) Correction * It will be done up to once for free 5) Delivery [Delivery method] I use a Mac. The video will be delivered in the file and media of your choice. [Contact] If you contact us, we will respond promptly. We will get back to you within 24 hours. We hope to have a long term relationship. Please feel free to contact us!

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  • Career:21year(s)
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Video editing / telop insertion / sound addition


[Career] ・ 18 years of video director / editing ・ TV program (supports various genres such as variety, gourmet, news, music, sports)


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