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On-Site Photo Shoot 1 hour :JPY12,000

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Dramatic Photo Wedding-We will produce a dramatic wedding. There are many photographers in the streets, but I think many people literally take pictures with cameras. At our company, taking pictures is a matter of course, and we value the production of all images. It's not a photographer, but a "photographer". The difference is whether or not something can come from a photograph. It is transmitted as if the memories of that time gush. I will provide such a photo. Wedding shoot. I think that there are many people who think "why so .." at the celebration price. Shooting a wedding is a one-time event. Therefore, the skills as a photographer must be very high. In addition, if you are just a photographer, we will offer you a "photographer" at a reasonable price, which can provide such a fun production that will enliven the atmosphere of the whole ceremony together. We have received a large number of evaluations. Thank you very much. [Dramatic wedding] It is a service of business trip shooting of wedding + reception. But I'm not just a photographer! As a director who excites the whole ceremony, I will direct the ceremony dramatically as a "photographer". [Photo quality, 1st principle] We will dispatch a "Photographer". It is not something that employees at the ceremony hall pay for as photographers. It is a professional group that holds private exhibitions and earns a living from photography. Above all, you are satisfied with the photographic quality. This is our principle of photo quality. We will always provide you with a satisfactory photo. [Affordable] We will be able to handle any kind of photography on the day, such as weddings, receptions, and after-party. ¥ 12000 / hour. [Reason for offering at this price] 1) Since the DVD is delivered, there is no charge for album and editing production. 2) It is a professional who can handle everything by one photographer. In the case of a regular photographer, a sub-photographer will be added as a spare, but in our case, we will give more than two people alone! 3) Actually ... the amount of money that the photographer receives when he receives a request from the ceremony hall is this much. 4) And this may be the main reason. It is my greatest honor to be able to participate in the joyful place of both of you and to give me a photograph that promises eternity. So we want to offer you at a service price. [Delivery is impressive, but never stops] After the wedding, we will deliver the photos the next day. Many wedding ceremonies are delivered weeks after shooting. This is not timely to share with your friends on social media. In the end, you will have to share the photos taken with your mobile phone. At our company, we will start web delivery on the next day, we will be impressed. At first, it is limited to typical photos, but after that, as the development work progresses, the number of web deliveries will be added. Delivery on the Web will be delivered in the optimal size for distribution of SNS such as smartphones, e-mail, line, etc. [I want to make an album or New Year's card] In about 7 to 10 days, we will send the DVD to your home. This is the same as the photo delivered on the web, but it will be delivered with the highest image quality. The image does not deteriorate even if you print it greatly. [Only the ceremony hall photographers still have NG ceremony halls left] I think that there may be cases where NG or expenses are required for photographers other than the photographers designated for the ceremony hall. Of course, I think it would be nice to pay the carry-on photographer's fee. But I don't understand what this cost is. In such a case, it is also possible to take a picture by joining as a guest or a friend. In that case, please leave negotiations for shooting with the ceremony hall. [Further] Not only ceremonial halls, but also home-use ceremony, restaurant ceremony, amusement park ceremony, etc. will be fully prepared. I'll do it to the moderator!

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Wedding Photography,People and Portrait Photography,Landscape Photography,Interview Photography,Event / School Photography,Commemorative Photo


Career 1995-2008 Entrusted to contract photographers at Nikon Marketing, managing deliverables, creating catalogs, demonstrating camera machines 2008-2016 Engaged in a wedding photo studio as a photographer 2016-Currently working as a freelance photographer, works Awarded for making it 2014 Awarded at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts 2015 Winner of the XYZ Bridal Photo Contest 2016 Selected as the next 100 photographers 2016 Aichi Prefectural Public Event Photo Award


STEP1 Online reservation STEP2 Reservation confirmation We will contact you to confirm the reservation. STEP3 Ceremony On the day of the ceremony, shooting starts from the preparation scene at the ceremony hall. STEP4 Web delivery The next day, photos will be delivered on the web STEP5 DVD delivery We will deliver on DVD in about a week. STEP6 Transfer Please check the DVD and transfer if you are satisfied.

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