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He has been involved in the planning and editing of magazines and websites for about 30 years at multiple publishers and IT companies. He has extensive experience in entertainment and art media, and has been engaged in general planning and editing. In recent years, he has been involved in SEO and digital marketing, and can handle everything from requirement definition to policy proposals, content planning, editing, coverage, writing, proofreading, reviewing, and media management. In addition to checking prohibited images and copyrights, copy and copy manuscripts, and fact checks, we are also developing regulations such as writing manuals and unified notation tables, and improving the work flow. If you are a startup and do not have sufficient editing skills, consult us for advice and advice.

  • Creator ID:25745
  • Gender:Male
  • Age:54y.o.
  • Career:31year(s)
  • Area:Japan
  • Last Login:Within 3 months



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Curating,Proofreading,Editing,Essay,Book Writing,Speech Writing,Naming,E-mail Magazine,Blog,SEO Writing,WEB Contents,Technical Writing,Interview,Article / Column,Ad Writing,Copywriting


● Nile Co., Ltd. From January 9, 2018, he currently works as a content director in the digital marketing division's content division. Engaged in the planning, editing, and production (client work) of digital content, mainly SEO content. Business (business succession, M & A, etc.), IT (corporate line service, corporate security service, virtual currency, RPA, etc.), finance / insurance (cashless payment, auto insurance, overseas travel insurance, etc.), job change (Nurse, public health nurse, pharmacist, registered seller, accountant, tax accountant, factory dispatch, support for working with disabled people, etc.), sales promotion system (home appliances, AGA / thin hair prevention, cemetery / gravestone, etc.) Responsible. In addition to Web pages, he also handles press releases and white papers (E-books). ● Travel Book Co., Ltd. Worked as a web editor (content sales department editor) for travel guide sites from April 2016 to April 2017. Mainly in charge of affiliate articles, editing writer manuscripts, brushing up, rewriting, proofreading / reviewing (checking and replacing prohibited images and copyrights, copy and copy manuscripts), fact checking, and public release. Organization of work flow, creation of regulations (writing manuals, unified tables of notation, etc.), selection of SEO keywords, acceptance of new writers, outsourcing (direction of outsourced articles), etc. [Main achievements] ・ About 20 articles a day, about 100 articles released in a week (about 2400 articles a year, responsible for updating about 80% of the entire site) ・ Hotel deep digging articles (3000-5000 characters) DeNA Co., Ltd. July 2015-October 2015 Curation Planning Division's entertainment summary site “PUUL” Participated in the launch as a web editor. Responsible for ordering, editing, proofreading and reviewing manuscripts from writers (checking prohibited images, copyrights, quotes, copy and copy manuscripts) ● At Stage Co., Ltd. January 2012-April 2015 Worked as a copywriter (content production / planning / editing / public relations promotion) at At Stage Co., Ltd. (* Independently separated from Atlas Co., Ltd. in April 2012). □ Public relations (PR) business, public relations strategy planning / suggestion / implementation, press release creation, distribution, media relations (IT news sites, etc.), approach to new media Research for business and new application development (concept evaluation, comparison of installed functions, user persona setting) ・ In-app tutorial manuscript creation ・ Application explanation for market, creation of catch phrase SS (screen shot) (GooglePLAY・ Production of page for in-house developed application introduction site, update management, production of promotion video, creation of planning proposal (au smart pass “Unlimited application” adoption application) ・ Copy creation of application advertisement (banner for au smart pass) [Main achievements]-19 news release creations such as apps, IT services・ Adopting 3 apps for au Smart Pass “Unlimited apps” □ Editing and writing app review site ・ Editing and writing in-house Android app review site (6 sites) Program "paid Android app-15-minute game!" * Responsible for planning, editing, and writing [Main achievements]-Create 1 to 8 app review articles per day, write 247 articles in 9 months □ Home page writers in charge ・ Editing article pages on in-house map sites (17 sites) ・ Creating guidelines for recruiting home writers, screening application writers ・ Creating Web writing manuals and posting manuals ・ Planning writing themes, category tags Setting, posting image arrangement / writing request (article ordering), progress management, proofreading / reviewing (quality control), release date setting, posting system management [Main achievements]-Initially general public Realize efficiency by proposing ordering and ordering of articles using crowdsourcing later for the recruited writers. Planning and editing about 4.800 articles in 2 years. □ Content SEO business staff, content marketing consulting, business service information site copy Creation, FAQ series article writing, update management / SEO measures, category & keyword setting / access analysis (aggregation, analysis / analysis, report creation, presentation) [Main achievements]-Article submission with "Content SEO" as a keyword 1st place by search site □ News site editors in charge ・ Planning, editing and coverage of news sites operated by the company (2 sites) ・ SEO measures, category & keyword setting ・ Access analysis (aggregation, analysis / analysis, report creation, [Presentation] [Main achievements] ・ Record about 12,000 PV per day with one article □ Affiliate site editor He worked as an editorial staff of editing and writing (2 sites) ● Ltd. Shogakukan August Shogakukan issue of drama magazine July 1999 to 2002 "era of dialogue" (Japan Playwrights Association responsibility Edit / quarterly) of the affiliate site. Mainly in charge of special feature planning, interviewing people, discovering young plays, and posting pages for the conte punch line. Specially planned for music drama, Shunei drama artist, classic drama, recommendations for the 21st century, visit to Japan, Chekhov, Berlin drama, Acharaca comedy, etc. Especially in the Kabuki and Rakugo special features, it has a reverberation that will cause a change of generations and a boom. ● Limited company drama bukkusu September 1994-May 1999 Be involved in the planning, coverage and editing of the drama magazine “Drama Bukku” (bimonthly publication). The theater town, Shimokitazawa special feature, stage costume special feature, staff work special feature, theatrical feature, theatrical feature as a therapy, etc. are launched and gained popularity. During his tenure, he covered various theaters and artists such as commercial theater, musicals, new plays, angras, small theaters, traditional performing arts and dance. ● SS Communications Inc. Sept. 1991-July 1994 Participated in the launch of the entertainment information magazine “apo” (biweekly). As the chief of the Information Management Department Art Group, he summarizes event information (about 170 cases per issue) in museums and galleries near Kanto. Later, with the renewal, moved to the editorial department special issue group. After working on special feature planning and introductory topics pages, he was involved in the planning, coverage, and editing of the art and stage fields. ● Vision Planning Publishing Co., Ltd. From April 1989 to June 1991, engaged in editing and sales of art magazine “art vision” (quarterly) and yearbook “art book” (annual).


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