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Thank you for looking at the profile. My name is Yoshii Daiki. [Possible business] ・ Video production, video editing Currently, the main events are opening and digest videos, promotional videos for SNS, etc., but we also accept other tastes.・ Commercial design (business cards, pamphlets, leaflets, catalogs, etc.) Also, since my major in university and graduate school was research on “brain science about visual psychology”, I can propose visual expressions based on human visual psychology. . One of our strengths is that we can make grounded proposals.

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Events, lectures, seminar videos (opening, digest, SNS promotion, etc ...)


[Career experience] ・ Graduated from Niigata University, Faculty of Engineering, and completed Niigata University Graduate School. Interested in design while studying, studied Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. by himself. -Joined the manufacturer with a new graduate. Undertake product catalogs and design posters for exhibitions.・ I changed jobs and worked at a vocational school. Produces about 5 videos for publicity every month.・ Become involved in video production as a side job, and up to now. One of our strengths is to create a video that keeps the basic design.


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