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[Profile] [Biographies] Publicity conference Taking a copywriter training course After that, he worked for about 4 years at the office of Norihisa Ochiai. Currently working free (27 years of free career). We are active mainly in Osaka, doing copy production, interview, interview interview, planning direction, area research and so on. Currently, the ratio of print media to the Web is approximately 6: 4. [Main fields experienced] ・ Product catalogs, company guides, public relations magazines, quarterly magazine planning / editing / covering / copy production / real estate (condominiums / detached houses), planning, coverage, copy production, area research ・ Department store SP tools Planning / editing / covering / copying of websites, various advertisements, etc. ・ City guide tools Planning / editing / covering / manufacture of manuscripts, planning / editing of posters and pamphlets for universities / preparations for school / collaboration, copy production Mail Magazine, Learning Page [Main Jobs I Experienced] Hankyu Real Estate Various SP Tools / City Guide Book Planning / Coordination / Manuscript Production NTT Urban Development Various SP Tools / City Guide Book Planning / Coordination / Manuscript Production Asahi Shimbun Interview and Manuscript Creation Osaka Museum Shop Interview and Manuscript Creation * Project by Mayor Toru Motohashi Interviews with celebrities and entertainers (Kaoru Yumi, Peggy Hayama, Kanran, Kaoru Tamaoka, etc.) Kyoto Tachibana University Newspaper coverage and manuscript creation Ryukoku University commemorative magazine Coverage and manuscript creation Nissei Co., Ltd. Mail magazine, homepage Coverage and manuscript creation Seibu Department Store Folding flyer various mail order catalog copy production Abeno Department Store Homepage plan editing, coverage, copy production The following are the results of the homepage.・ Olympic 2020 Planning Page Shinya Yamanaka VS (X JAPAN) YOSHIKI https://participation.tokyo2020.jp/jp/oneteam/03.html ・ Construction VS Kinder Kids Special Dialogue https://www.k-skn.com /lunacity237/assets/pdf/kinder_kids-taidan.pdf ・ Megurie City Buyer Interview http://www.tv-izumi.jp/img/home/voice1805.pdf ・ Nissei Soft Cream Journey https: // www. nissei-com.co.jp/sc_gotochi/sc_gotochi56.jsp Founder of Kobe Co-op, Toyohiko Kagawa http://www.kobe.coop.or.jp/about/toyohiko/index.html ・ Ozeki Aojiru http: // shop .ozeki.co.jp / aojiru_trialcampaign / We will bring print media. Thank you.

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