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Girl's Voice

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Jp 日本語

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I have been teaching at a voice actor training center and a workshop for about 6 years, and I have been working with the same person for over 7 years. I am good at the role of a modest girl or boy. I'm glad to be able to assist in the production of audio works and voice dramas. We will submit the items recorded at the home recording booth. Age-restricted and binaural recordings are also possible. Please feel free to contact us.

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  • Career:7year(s)
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There are no project which is permited to show here.


Partly girl role, boy role


[Voice work] Pink code Dokubosya series rice role ya-ho-games like healing-related exclusive nurses can experience the care of binaural naively quietly new system nurse newcomer Anzu role ya-ho-games like healing-based exclusive love flower I'm addicted to my mother-in-law and loved bainolaru Nazori quietly new face nurse rookie role [game] ya-ho-games Plantare Colere-spirits and pretty girls-(RPG) Tsundere Sister role cactus like Lizbel- Liz Bell-(RPG) Liz Bell role L ☆ B Friends like Satsuma ~ a summer that was scorned and squeezed by the girl (loop animation ADV) Nao Kamiuchi / Nanase love role Heliodor like vita large escape (action game) vita role [ Video] monoxide.jp like Fairy Brain Remodeling Factory 2 (Video) Sister Fairies / Sister Fairies


It depends on the presence or absence of edits such as amount of dialogue, situations, real circumstances, logging, etc., but I think it will be about 2 months at the same day, at the shortest on the same day. The recording is basically done on weekdays. If you ask on Friday, we may have some time because we will have a weekend. It can handle MP3, wav, zip and lzh. Unless otherwise specified, wav recorded at 44100hz / 16bit / mono will be submitted. In the case of MP3, I will submit what was converted to MP3 at 128 bit rate. All voices will be connected and submitted, so please tell us if you need to segment each line. (50 words or more will be charged separately) If you do cut out and edit, delivery will be slower than linking and submitting. Basically, it will be submitted on the premise of editing. If you edit as it can be sold as it is an amateur editor, you will be charged an additional charge from +1 yen per character. NG genre ☆ Even if you request that you actually do adult activities, we will submit with such an act. ☆ Depending on the content of works and ad libs that have too much ad lib may not be accepted. ☆ You can take a pant 秒 second, chupa 〇 second, etc. but you can not accept an ad-lib that contains words. If you want to add a line, please write up the line. ☆ You can not basically add sound effects. ☆ There may be cases where vomiting, deep throat etc. such as deep throat expressions are excessive. ☆ You can not go out. You can swallow it. ☆ Although I am not very good at imitating voices, I will do my best if you can get the materials for the copyrighted materials. (It will be appearances in aka-sensei) Other ☆ When requesting, it would be appreciated to be able to use prefaces for readings with multiple kanji and special readings. ☆ Depending on the content, the submission order may change. ☆ Retakes are free of reading errors and omissions, etc. Retakes on the performance side are free of charge to the same part twice, and retakes of 30% or more are basically paid. I hope you can adjust the image first. ☆ Change of script, edit is hard, so retake at the convenience of the client such as all retakes is charged.

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