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After graduating from Art University, he worked as a graphic designer (paper media) at an advertising company and a miscellaneous goods manufacturing and sales company, and currently works as a freelance illustrator & graphic designer in Osaka. Up to now, personal work has been awarded for awards from the general public offering. I am good at the design of paper media such as illustrations of colorful and pop images, posters, leaflets, DMs and cards. We value concept work before entering design and illustration production, and our strength lies in the ability to consistently produce both design and illustration. Please feel free to contact us for illustrations only, designs only, illustrations + designs, etc.

  • Creator ID:24657
  • Gender:Female
  • Age:private
  • Career:private
  • Area:Japan
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〈コンペ最優秀賞 公募総数316点〉

〈コンペ 最優秀賞〉
長野県飯田市で行われる人形劇の祭典「いいだ人形劇フェスタ」のポスターとワッペンのデザインをしました。のぼり、パンフレット、チラシなど各種印刷物にも展開。フェスタのキャッチコピー「きらめく夏 魔法の笑顔」をイメージしたイラストを描きました。夏らしい青空と入道雲、特徴的な形状の飯田駅、リンゴをイメージした赤色を使い、夏らしさ、飯田らしさを表現しています。

〈コンペ最優秀賞 公募総数817点〉


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Colorful and pop image illustrations, posters, leaflets, DM, cards and other paper media designs


Graduated from the Department of Graphic Design at Shenyang University of Design in 2009, and a graphic designer at an advertising company and general merchandise manufacturing and sales company in 2009. Currently working as a freelance illustrator / graphic designer while raising children. 【Major awards】 ・ 2015 <Best award> Character design and naming of Kashiwa-shi, Saitama Prefecture "Futako" character design and naming · 2017 <Best award> Miura village Tochigi character "Mihosu" character design and naming 2017 <Best award> Graphic design of Nagasaki Prefecture Huis Ten Bosch shopping bag ・ 2017 <Best award> Iida puppet show Festa Main Visual ・ 2018 <Best Award> Hokkaido Hiroocho Hirohiro Santa Email Main Visual ・ 2018 <Best Award> Okinawa Prefecture Eco Island Miyakojima marathon tournament towel design and many other awards


We can not accept orders for sexual or violent expressions.

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