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Jp 日本語


It is a freelance illustrator. I want to draw out and draw each feature from a girl to an adult woman, a youth to an uncle, etc. Of course, it is up to you to think about your client's request first, and to think about how to achieve satisfactory results. Although there are still points that can not be reached yet, we are mainly working on thick coatings and grisailles, but we also accept simple, watercolor, etc. Please talk from small things like icons to large-scale illustrations with backgrounds. Price and delivery time will be around depending on the order content at that time, so please forgive in advance. I am sorry for a long time.

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  • Area:Japan
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Thick paint, grisaille, character, character stand picture, girl, woman, uncle


We can accept orders for adults, but it depends on the contents, so please consult once. Please note that we can not transfer the copyright.

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