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-Light Aya-kouryo

-Light Aya-kouryo


Because for many years we are I study the basic classical rinsho line quality confidence.
In the letters, books and cursive script, reisho, calligraphic and wide range of typefaces are available.
Currently belongs to the calligraphy society while actively design calligrapher as well. Graphic designer with experience in advertising agency, included in the design of production is available.
As they try new representation, we try can feel the depth of classical form representation.
Commercial character and classical calligraphy in which each good, would like express the charm of both so have fun. To consult a lot, so thank you.

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I see the work more


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Strong regular script and semi-cursive feminine. Your suggestion in the calligraphic and reisho.


Learn calligraphy at the age of 6.
While working as a graphic designer than the 22-year-old started activities as commerce calligraphers.
In the 24-year-old Yomiuri calligraphy exhibition.
Afterwards Ken s. calligraphy exhibition, mitsuganae calligraphy exhibition in many finishes.
Working performance with live music or TV show's masthead, package design, etc.
-Representative work
In 2009, BS, TV special, ' Koji Uehara who knows ' masthead on a gate.
In 2009, BS, TV special, small climber kuriki history many challenge the world masthead on a gate.
In 2009, BS, TV special, real face of Hasegawa hozumi strongest Champ masthead circles. In 2010, BS, TV special, ' opening! Women's professional baseball.
Fulfill the dream girls ' masthead on a gate. In 2010, BS, TV special, ' forever young General.
Gasan male three pocketed but masterpieces and untold story! ' masthead on a gate
In 2011, BS, TV special, 'Akira Kobayashi mainguy' masthead k. 2011, BS day TV special, ' thinking fist not in song!
Singer Hiroshi itsuki "masthead on a gate

2012, BS, TV special, forever Super Star Yujiro Ishihara all masthead on a gate
2011 October release takarajimasha publishing ' world's most easy to greeting 2012 ' works published
2012 October release takarajimasha publishing ' world's most easy to greeting 2013 ' works published
2013 Year reconstruction support character power SHO project ' design calligrapher 100 people exhibition ' works exhibition
Member of the Japan design calligraphy Writers Association ( JDCA ) Three vessels calligraphy Board of Trustees


I think clients who request firmly, even want to offer something extra.
Basically we will submit 1 case per 2 draft 2-way.
Because the charge is a standard little budget come again please consult. I think you want upon request as possible. Thank you because I want to make good things together.

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