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On-Site Photo Shoot 1 hour :JPY20,000

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Hello, I am Yoshikazu Fukunaga, a free photographer. I am filming in the suburbs of Nagasaki city, but it is movable if it is near Nagasaki prefecture. I mainly do business shoots on business trips, but studio shooting etc. at home is possible on request. The equipment used is Sony's α7 iii main, medium shooting with silver salt camera, and aerial shooting using drone. In addition to pictures of wedding ceremonies and bright colors for children, dark & under pictures for CD jacket and self portrait according to your request are good fields.

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People and Portrait Photography,Product Phot ography,Landscape Photography,Commemorative Photo,Event / School Photography,Wedding Photography,Interview Photography


Shooting pets by request of pet shops and pet and owner's portrait photography shooting final lifestyle photographing etc. shooting at wedding reception wedding photography and processing for CD jacket photographing of advertisement material photographs for homepage 5 books of street snapping self-made We are selling it.


Shooting at music events is a specialty area. In the aerial photograph by drone, approval from the Osaka Aviation Bureau approved permission after consideration of safety in populated areas etc. throughout the country. The staff has a dressing teacher qualification. Basically we will wear kimono, but we can arrange and repair on the spot etc

Work location

Comment: 長崎以外の遠方の場合交通費(実費)を申し受けます

Available service

Photo Outsite

Studio Equipment

Small Photo Studio suitable for small product photography

Comment: 自宅スタジオですので大規模な撮影はできませんが、スタジオ設備の持ち込み撮影には対応します。

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