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Jp 日本語


Please thank you.

2/2010 Than whats registered click here.
In 2008, free to design & illustrations.

Free career is shallow, design production 12 years experienced we are.

Flyer leaflet brochure illustrations, POP, etc. extensively engaged.

Cute and simple elegant, such as areas of expertise are design illustrations together productions of different tastes is possible.
Please see reference works are available here. http://www16.plala.or.jp/LeafWorks thank you.

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  • Area:Japan
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  • アロマサロンの集客用チラシ


    Fee: JPY20,000 (Tax Included) Completed Date: 11.09.22 Terms: 14日

    Client: アロマサロンアプリコット(アロマサロン)

    Thank you A5 size leaflets. Small Balinese style interior, private appointment only women is a private salon. Flyer simple and easy to read, want to put a little pictures. (Photos can be found here)

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Cute, simple and elegant design or illustration


In 1998,

Advertising production company he joined as a graphic designer.
He then producing various designs

Under illustrations, responsible for production on the sideline.
In 2008 Activities start at free.


For a quote, available upon request. Please feel free to contact it.

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