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The photographer history has been around 25 years, and now we have an office in Yotsuya. Although photography genre ranges such as products, portraits, and theater, we mainly shoot advertisements related to companies. It is catchy type as style.

  • Creator ID:21176
  • Gender:Male
  • Age:51y.o.
  • Career:27year(s)
  • Area:Japan
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Stage photography such as musicals, portraits, shooting jewelry, watches, shooting fashion


Biography Born in Osaka Prefecture Tama Art University Graduated from Graphic Design Major in Roppongi Art Center (Yu) Peavey 2016 Establishment of a private office Major suppliers Shiki Seki Pokémon Shirai Diamond Co., Ltd. Eye advertising Co., Ltd. ) Takarajimasha (with) Pink Pearl Planning (Corporation) Organic Village Japan Others Shooting Brand ikka Another Edition Aqua Skewam GLOBAL WORK STUDIO CLIP niko and FEILER LOVERARY McGREGOR, etc.

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