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Regardless of the professional, in order to respond to the passion of more people who love music, we are offering recording and editing with compact and high quality equipment at low price. Various services such as vocal recording, narration recording, voice sample production, prepro production, instrument recording, mixing with ProTools, singing, song production, composition, arrangement, mastering, release advice etc. are available. "Engineer Profile" Masanori Yashiro Born in Kumamoto, Kumamoto Prefecture in 1981, living in Nakano Ward, Tokyo. I can go only about twice a year, but fishing is a hobby. Music studio engineer, music production, music production, video production, shop management etc. HUNTER CHANCE STUDIO We are in charge of all the business. It is brought up by reggae and hardcore and idol songs are hooked up club music such as hip hop, bass music and so on. I stayed at the studio from the time of establishment, it is everyday of training. I will make efforts not to neglect flooring every morning, cleaning the toilet, cleaning the entrance, and changing the flower vase. I am aiming to change in any way so that it will not be swallowed by the wave of the fast flowing era. Since we will encourage any projects with love, we appreciate your kindness.

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Reggae, hip hop, bass music etc. Club music, vocal recording, narration recording, voice sample production, prepro production, instrument recording, Pro Tools mixing, singing, CM song making, composition, arrangement, mastering, release advice etc.


Established in 2003. From Tokyo reggae, hip - hop and other street carcies big momentum and young momentum with customers holding a variety of songs and club hit songs that crowd the oricon, voice samples of voice actors, CM songs Now ambitiously participating and establishing over 500 projects per year annually The most momentous vocal recording and mixing studio now.

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