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Nice to meet you, Hello.
My name is PonyTeam.

Depicts the character creation and character illustrations in magazines.
I are good at is not a surreal animals and plants to cute mascot character!
Client and hope that character can't forget while you consult with us so I wanted so to put your voice would be greatly appreciated. Using Illustrator, Photoshop, are produced.

  • Creator ID:2020
  • Gender:Female
  • Age:private
  • Career:15year(s)
  • Area:Japan
  • Last Login:Within 3 days


(株)マガジン・マガジン まちがいさがしメイト3月号イラスト

(株)マガジン・マガジン まちがいさがしメイト7月号イラスト

(株)ワークス まちがいさがし館Vol.13イラスト

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Character design and cartoon illustration


2008 Tomy(takaratomy) company 3rd Chara anime Studio monthly MVP Prize
       2009 FC2 anime Contest Grand Prize
       Takatsuki-Shi partnership Plaza anime contest, excellent prize
       Akane material character contest, excellent prize

Sugar anime contest winners

(Stocks) urban planning company anime project plan

2010 (Shares) illustration creation science research publishing "town's 絵さがし puzzle"

2011 (Shares) アストラルウォーク バーチャルエンタテインメント namespace 'HAAMO' in charge of slot games 'Exotic Animals character design and screen configuration

(Shares) illustration creation science research publishing "town's 絵さがし puzzle"
       2012 (Shares) illustration creation science research publishing "town's 絵さがし puzzle"

(Stocks) illustration Magazine magazine doubt looking for mate creation (shares) Magazine-magazine ' convenience stores limited search of doubt ' illustration
★ other 2006 create a poster for attracting students to takatsuki city Kita high school career guidance room ( manga )
2009-Pet portraits-creating a business card (from individuals who request)

2009 Web anime anime original creation (from individuals who request)

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