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Hashiba Natsumi

Hashiba Natsumi


★ thanks you for your visit!

My name is Natsumi Hashiba.

Comical series until the dark-on request anything produced from let me have gotten we are.
Usually reply within 12 hours.

We will reply within 24 hours.

FD system has caused glitches when no reply after 1 day, so contact as soon as possible to the first design.
Cuts and making real, such as small images for your blog is about 1-3 days.

(It is in animation, except the period of the arrangement-rough days)

Fix or meeting number varies is the number of days from request to delivery.

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I want to transfer in the State also can be used as a sales sample relatively freely. Shall be prohibited any public use in here please consult if you wish.

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Boy cartoon, business illustration, promotional comic, comical, systems for the general public, 4 frames / real, monsters


_ _ _ _ Making history _ _ _ _
[Game system
Game apps for real series enemy Monster ( werewolf )
App Genie and demon beast character 6

Mobile game character illustrations
[For general character illustration]
-T シャツプリントイメージキャラ illustrations for gifts from individuals who
-Individual instruction school, signs and other media illustration for
-Voice actress & actors Department site TOP banner 5
-Voice actress & actors Department site relocation notice TOP images
And Bashar on HP for the TOP image of the Grand universe.
-Original goodwill original illustrations
University introduction to illustration 7 points
-HP in product guide illustrations ( headlines & description sentence with ) 3
Dental patient figure comic series cut 13 points
Personal-like presentation cut about 9 points
Skin Department of HP for real illustration

Cosmetics store operated as more mail-order programs used for Philip scene illustration 10
[Promotional cartoon]
-Mail service promotional cartoon color 1 p

Car-related promotional cartoon, produced four top 2
(Illustrations and comics series character illustrations)
WEB fiction illustrated three individuals who

-For individuals than the original character illustration 1.
[Original video]
Bridal directing videos for uniform expression
-School flyer promotional comic 1 P & キャラカット 3 points
And information ethics 4 frame & 1 cut 7 book
Housing company promotional cartoon, sequel to 3 books
Housing company promotional comic 4 • WEB site appeal cartoon.

2 P color

Caricature avatar book 2
Caricature illustrations than the personal greeting cards manufacturing
-For individuals than 2012 for puns greeting cards production

By personal postcards production request
PreBabyComo caricature avatar creation... 47.
-From personal shopping promotional & cm 4 Koma... 6.  National University of educational four-frame cartoon orders.
And 2 books.  

-Software for business promotional cartoon production: 2 P.
 Other related matters
 -Child care and dental screening for cuts made several points.
 And history for the article black and white cut made a number of points.
 -Large southern barbarians ship voyage seen anime illustrations for ( monochrome )

Event application form cover illustration ( monochrome )
\225 If the defects, which cannot be contacted, such as HP's
In please write in the mail form and blog in the comments. ( * orders only via the FD accepts )


So I wanted to respond as much as possible to your request would if you ask us a question, regardless of genre.
 * caricature picture than the illustration.

Is not gigantic like system, so please note that upon request.
Illustrations and cartoons with the produced in Photoshop CS4.
Delivery data is JPEG, PDF, AI, PSD, PNG and many.
Please feel free to consult. (* AI data is data such as JPEG extension return to that technique is only can be supplied. Please note that the data delivered by illustrators such as not compatible with.

 Please request from previously prepared materials upon request of needed materials, such as caricature, you know.
 The course material and advance meeting also produced or delivery date and, to hear the request enough time moved out. Because we are determined to make the delivery as requested that the article can be submitted immediately before your request please make sure available.

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