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I am a video photographer specializing in full size single lens reflex camera in Kyoto. My name is Mukai Yoshihisa. Shooting with a conventional video camera should not be included as an option when you are planning to take pictures with some money from now on. Because, if it is about that level of photography, smartphones are enough. If you are going to spend money, you should leave images that you can feel at first sight, the tool that you can do now is a single eye.

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Previously I was using a professional handheld video camera such as NX 5 J, but there were many single-eye images taken a lot more than a few years ago, and last year we had to dispose of all ordinary video cameras, became. As a career, bridal was the longest with over 10 years, and involved in more than 500 wedding ceremonies. Also, since I was originally a musician, I can take pictures with the performer's eyes, so I'm good at doing concerts, live performances and stage shooting better than anything else. A single lens is more difficult to handle than a normal video camera, but since it is easy to capture beautiful images like movies, now we are all shooting seminars and recorded videos of bridal with a single eye I will.

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