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Story cartoon starring women are good at, but would not AK-pattern, so acceptable to all ages and gender. That whatever challenge comes to work for the genre can draw width is wide.
Story manga, as well as one point of illustrations, essays, reportage, four-frame cartoon is also available.

  • Creator ID:1513
  • Gender:private
  • Age:private
  • Career:32year(s)
  • Area:Japan
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  • ルテインのサプリメントNo.3


    Fee: JPY108,000 (Tax Included) Completed Date: 11.07.06 Terms: 29日

    Client: 有限会社プロジェクトハウス(健康食品販売)

    Always serve.
    In the past, is the project House we ask again what Suzuki. Again, ask for same product previously asked WEB manga page 4 P.

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  • ディコット社サングラス


    Fee: JPY54,000 (Tax Included) Completed Date: 10.10.18 Terms: 23日

    Client: (有)プロジェクトハウス(健康商品販売)

    Always serve. Because to sell new sunglasses for sale manga sites on ask will.

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  • アイソフト


    Fee: JPY54,000 (Tax Included) Completed Date: 10.08.11 Terms: 34日

    Client: (有)プロジェクトハウス(健康商品販売)

    We become indebted.

    Current and ongoing projects is another thing.
    That gave special masks to action items for sale manga.

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  • 紫イペ、大豆レシチンのサプリメント商品サイト


    Fee: JPY168,000 (Tax Included) Completed Date: 10.07.14 Terms: 26日

    Client: (有)プロジェクトハウス(健康食品販売)

    We become indebted. The last manga creation as well as product description uses homepage. Touch is similar to last time.

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  • 婚活サイトの4コマ漫画


    Fee: JPY30,000 (Tax Included) Completed Date: 10.06.01 Terms: 10日

    Client: 株式会社エーディーアンドディー(WEBサイト運営)

    Marriage hunting site advertising we operate 4 piece please cartoon production.
    Last time, we would ask the "Toma-CHAN's" of 4koma manga and typography are all same as, please.
    After the rough will se...

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  • 商品販売のマンガWEBページ


    Fee: JPY116,000 (Tax Included) Completed Date: 10.05.28 Terms: 21日

    Client: (有)プロジェクトハウス(その他)

    We become indebted.
    Previously, we have create a product called "Eagle eyes" manga project House Suzuki is.
    I think this time, similar to the last manga for different product sales pages for creating ...

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  • 女性向けダイエット商材の4コマ漫画


    Fee: JPY30,000 (Tax Included) Completed Date: 10.04.26 Terms: 7日

    Client: 株式会社エーディーアンドディー(WEBサイト制作)

    Use diet products to post from June advertising (print and web media) think 4koma comics like to ask. ½, rough, etc. are all ready, so to refer to the airport Konohana Akari ' of would you ask in tast...

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  • WEBサイト用マンガ制作


    Fee: JPY58,000 (Tax Included) Completed Date: 10.03.12 Terms: 27日

    Client: (有)プロジェクトハウス(その他)

    It is for manga about the product. Sunglasses called "Eagle eyes", but features performance compared to typical sunglasses and lenses made by special technology by NASA and structures. Is the recommen...

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  • サイト用漫画制作


    Fee: JPY20,000 (Tax Included) Completed Date: 09.09.14 Terms: 12日

    Client: ファーストデザイン事務局(ファーストデザイン事務局)

    Once again, we bring up the cartoon promotional.com site.

    Like to create a cartoon describing the site heavily used on the top. Motion and background characters in words and sentence level are alread...

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Business / family-friendly for women romance and marriage / health care / health / beauty / insurance / IT


In 1992, made his debut collection of SHUEISHA girls manga magazine young you. In another pseudonym ( ) SHUEISHA's exclusive writers and comics published four books.

Became a freelance since 2000, Akita Shoten 'COMIC MIU' and for ' Mrs.' elegance ' Eve', in writing. Currently is not limited to Publisher platform, or individuals who respond to requests from corporations, design firms.


Order the paint work is also fun different and original story cartoon. Wish I could meet needs of people through the Internet, I think.

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