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Jp 日本語


Haneunim music:
Music toys for musical arrangements, many (* 1).
In addition, we also stock music production, etc..
Still image: haneunim
Photo material provided to the stock photo also conducts in various places.
Haneunim streaming filtration

A simple (* 2) are available on Ustream delivery.
* 1
YouTubeURL will be taught to those who wish.
* 2
Switching No 1 SD image quality, tortoise. However will use a separate microphone audio.

  • Creator ID:14026
  • Gender:Male
  • Age:55y.o.
  • Career:private
  • Area:Japan
  • Last Login:More than 3 months ago


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There are no project which is permited to show here.


Music arrangement (can be more than a dog-eared copy), a simple streaming,


Final academic background: haneunim 3/1985.
Acoustic Technology College, graduated from MA (MusicArt)

Music industry in General, the 6 mm tape editing how to practice and learn.
Job history: haneunim 5/1985.
At the Hiyoshi Yamaha audio products to make the repair. 4/1987.
      LM instruments for shielding the guitar pickup
We wholesale Assembly. 4/1988.
LM music retailers do. 4/1991.
      In the music practice uses mainly rental Studio
      Registration, equipment maintenance, and other recording system.
       The main recording works:
       7-Eleven CM
       Former RC succession because Mr. Silver Brook albums
      Former C-C-B Gt... Makoto Sekiguchi said various demo source
Such as. 6/1996.
      According to the manuals for Macintosh
Do the DTP. 7/2004.
Participate in the start-up e-commerce sites "radio days". 12/2006.
      In the e-commerce sites "radio days"
      Recording, edit, and encode to MP3 and it
      In addition to sound around
      Make thumbnail image creation of content.
      In addition, according to the Ustream content for sale
Do as well as students. 1/2015.
Start the following activities as a freelancer
  ★ takaratomy Arts co., Ltd.
  Toys that pop ' nStep 3 vocal music arrangements, and
Contract work arrangements, etc.
  ★ co. woman wave '
Her membership upon seminar Ustream broadcast
  ★ Abé LLP as
Lecture by PA and recording contract
  ★ Panda Studios '
Her voice engineer
  ★ magnet design co., Ltd. '
  Internet baseball broadcast engineer
Occasional contract
  ★ original C-C-B Sekiguchi m. person
Her music remixes, live recordings, and sound
★ other
Royalty-free sound material provided (Motionelements)
Royalty-free photo material provided (Pixta, 123rf, Kozzi) Such conduct.


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