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Jp 日本語
Fr Français
Us English (US)



France-beyond Paris lives in 10 years.
Use is mainly Illustrator CS6.
So far, corporate and event Pan fret, flyers,.

Experience with creating CD covers, illustrations, material creation
Also, France, interpretation, translation, as well
Local staff of the TV coverage and even proven.
At events in France, interview coordination, etc.
Overseas insurers, major food company research accompanied by interpreters,
According to various issues, such as the local organizing, wishes

Flexibility will correspond.
Writing business is in France for the Japanese media press and blog articles, Actual results of culture column, restaurant articles.

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DTP, illustrations, banners, logo, flyer, catalog, DM, web design, French translation, trip coordination,


Results, etc.:
Corporate, event flyers, brochure creation
Illustrations, cut illustrations create interpreters, translation, transcription (French translation)
TV interview coordination
Event and concert planning, art gallery business (France)
Writing in the Japanese media in France and zines, and other qualifications:
2/2013, France language proficiency test level 2
Regular motor vehicle license (Japan Japan / France and Europe support)
Junior and senior high school teacher's license
Paris Ecole normal musical Institute of higher Diplom
DEM France music researcher qualification

Germany Hamburg Music Academy of advanced degree Diplom

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