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(1) Product photography or architectural photography, photographing people would like more popular security price (2) Mature age anyone can take because the photo is notable.
The sales increase will make a difference, it moved the hearts of people (3) Stock abundance, number of type equipped with its own Studio, taking material too rich.
Continue pursuing years of rich experience and feeling fresh and welcome guests to our pleasure.
About photography, product photography, architectural photography, mechanical photos, food photography, photographing people satisfied with the quality, ask with confidence in price, we hope your company's prosperity.
(4) Customers through word of mouth referrals, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture is home to the now North is South of Aomori Hiroshima than taking samples sent presents and we shoot work on instructions by FAX and phone.

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Product Phot ography,Interior Photography,Architecture Photography,Landscape Photography,Food Photography,Fashion Photography,Interview Photography,Event / School Photography,Wedding Photography,Commemorative Photo


Tokyo photo school (currently, Visual Arts) degree cum laude in 1971
Joining as Assistant commercial photo personal Studio
In 1972, active as a photographer in commercial photo personal Studio
STI Studio founded in 1985 (included)
1990 HCL Kodachrome photo contest grand prize winner
In 1991, JPS exhibition 2 pieces at the same time
In 1995, JPS exhibition, Central Photo 300 exhibition winners
Begin test production, 1998 ahead of our competitors by digital photography In 2004, photo master class 1 get


Utilizing the experience to satisfy customers ' needs and committed to helping.

Work location

Comment: 出張撮影は出張費用が加算されます。

Available service

Photo Studio,Photo Outsite

Studio Equipment

Medium Photo Studio suitable for product photography

Comment: 大型の商品は撮影できませんが、ご相談ください。

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