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On-Site Photo Shoot 1 hour :JPY17,800

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Nice to meet you. It is a business trip photography service "Yumi Foto" in Shizuoka City. We are photographers who dream of opening an inn in the mountains of Shizuoka ♪ Our dream is to provide a space and time where the people we meet can relax a little and feel happy. I will try my best to shoot, so that I was happy to shoot at that time ♪ I moved to Shizuoka City last year and took 150 shots. Word of mouth has exceeded 50 on Instagram and Facebook! In addition, it is a family photo such as Shichigosan, you can connect at work through profile and store shooting, and we are also doing collaborative planning etc. ^ _ ^ We will visit anywhere, so please feel free to contact us .

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People and Portrait Photography,Landscape Photography,Event / School Photography,Wedding Photography,Commemorative Photo,Interior Photography,Architecture Photography


While working in the Kasaoka City Okayama Prefectural Community Cooperation Volunteer, he was involved in sightseeing photography at the Kasaoka City Hall. After moving to Shizuoka City, she launched Yumi Photo and exceeded 200 shots. In addition to family photos, Shichigosan and shrine visits, as well as experience in the community revitalization cooperatives, we will not only shoot profile photos and advertisement photos, we will also make various suggestions according to the use ^ _ ^ I work for a travel agency, and I have traveled all over Japan in private, so don't hesitate to consult about travel!


(1) You can travel anywhere without worrying about moving. Travel is free in Shizuoka Prefecture! Outside the prefecture, 10 yen per 1km. (2) Easy-to-understand rate plan All photos are taken with the data taken, shooting fees and editing charges included! ③ You can also shoot after your pre-face meeting is free! ④ Cancellation fee and schedule change fee are free. There is no cancellation fee in any case, such as poor physical condition of the child or bad weather! ⑤ Deliver same day We promise delivery within one week ^ _ ^

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Comment: 静岡県外は静岡市から換算して、1kmあたり10円頂きます!高速代は頂きません!

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