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Born in 1962 Aichi Prefecture I was born in Kasugai city, Aichi Prefecture Yatomi-shi (It was Yaitomi-cho in Okabe-gun at that time) I left a local elementary and junior high school and entered Majo University affiliated high school, why not go to university Can not go?) To Niigata Designer College photography department. After graduation, I found a job in a photo room of a certain hotel famous for Nagoya. Here, I learned the picture as a professional. I worked in Yokohama's famous certain hotel photo room by relocation. Because of family circumstances, retired in Yokohama working era after 50 passed. After that, I freelance. Currently shooting in the main such as bridal, engagement photo, medical coverage, event shooting, international conference!

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People and Portrait Photography,Interview Photography,Event / School Photography,Wedding Photography,Architecture Photography,Commemorative Photo

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