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On-Site Photo Shoot 1 hour :JPY14,000

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We have a photography studio in Kyoto city and we are active. We do product shooting in the studio, person shoot, as well as various business trip shoots. Currently, we mainly shoot arts, crafts, kimono, traditional buildings. I am particularly good at photography related to traditional performing arts, especially the tea ceremony. In addition, we also shoot temples, shrines and temples, Buddha statues, flowers and natural sceneries. Even though I take one product shoot, I am studying every day so that I can take pictures that remain in my mind, not being thrown away. If there is a margin, thank you.

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  • Career:22year(s)
  • Area:Japan
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Product Phot ography,Architecture Photography,People and Portrait Photography,Landscape Photography


After graduating from Tokyo Polytechnic University, he studied with photographer Yojiro Adachi. In the course of living a life as an assistant for 8 years, I am learning Iloha of advertisement photograph. Returned home in 1998 and became a free photographer. Engaged in photography of commercials based in Kyoto. From 2001, in the "Monthly Praise" (Akasaka) he was in charge of photographing of Uesenke family. In April 2010, I set up "Studio Cherry Blossoms" with my wife and start shooting maternity photo and private photo. Since August 2014, I transferred the studio to Kyoto, photographed a wide range of subjects such as the tea ceremony, antique art, traditional culture, shrines and temples, Buddha statues, landscape photographs of Lake Biwa. In the studio, we also shoot product shoots, profile pictures, maternity pictures and so on.

Work location

Comment: スケジュールと出張経費があえば全国どちらでも出張いたします

Available service

Photo Studio,Photo Outsite

Studio Equipment

Medium Photo Studio suitable for product photography

Comment: 人物の全身撮影も可能です。


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