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On-Site Photo Shoot 1 hour :JPY10,000

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Kagoshima Prefecture in Islands of Kagoshima, Kyushu, to West Japan area we are active. Regardless of subject commercial photo website for photography, product photography, food photography, architectural photography, Bridal, portrait shots, etc., please leave.
Will answer the request always sense with a unique wealth of experience and proven, professional technology.
Carbon offset Guidebook We Love Astronomy Museum
azbil 2016vol.4 No. seaside hotel Yakushima Island
Nikkei Business No.1765 [Kirishima brewery.
Nikkei design 2015.9 issue see hisatsu Orange railway.
March issue of Nikkei medical 2013.11 Matsuoka emergency clinic
Tsuruta dam on the March issue of Nikkei ecology 2014.3
Nikkei Business No.1790 Kumamoto bus
2009.6 / issue of Nikkei information strategy "Seibu Lions coach Watanabe Hisashi Makoto.
2009.10-issue of Nikkei Business "下堂園"
"Hisatsu Orange railway" Japan service train, Nikkei design
Black Kirishima story black Kirishima story, written Baba fuel
Nikkei Business 2012.8 2007 orthopedic yonemori hospital
L 2013.8 2007, ATAGO co., Ltd. small rice mats President ODA m. Mr.
March issue of Nikkei Business 2013.7 Minami Kyushu materials
2012.10 March issue of Nikkei restaurant "seafood Tavern Merman"
BAN 2008.7 issue "Miyazaki Governor from Hideo Hara"
March issue of Nikkei Business 2010.12 "handman"
ATAGO L 2012.11 March issue "co., Ltd. elm Miyahara, k., President"
2009.11-issue of Nikkei Business "ComTech"
Nikkei health care architecture 2006.10 issue ", clinic.
Nikkei health care architecture 2007.4 issue ", while the Perth Street clinic.
Nikkei health care architecture 2009.4 issue "had until surgery clinic"
Phoenix Seagaia Resort 2007.11 March issue of Nikkei information strategy
Nikkei Business 2011.8 2005 "featured Japan's cosmic power"
Nikkei drag information 2009.9 issue "slowly under Memorial Hospital.
March issue of Nikkei Business 2011.1 "seven Plaza.
Nikkei Business 2005.9 November election special
"Mr. Hideo Miyazaki Governor from original" Nikkei Business 2007.6 November

MiT 2006.5 2005 DIA FRS co., Ltd. other
Home filmed
Co., Ltd. Masuda noodle-like http://www.masudamen.com/specialty
下温湯 ornamental plants for garden-like http://www.shimonuri.co.jp/pc/index.html
Kubo brewing company like http://www.kubojyozo.com/page1
New tea co., Ltd. Mr. http://www.shinbara.co.jp/page1
Medical Corporation Ouyang of Hiroyuki Sakamoto on hospital-like http://youzenkai.or.jp/
School Corporation true school moisturizing with certified children's nursery himesharajuku children Park as http://myoshin.ac.jp/
Sonoda land co., Ltd. Mr. http://www.sonoda-gp.co.jp/
Co., Ltd. Uemura pairs like http://www.uemuragumi.co.jp/
Medical Corporation three of victory hospital-like http://ookatsu.jp/
Http://www.net-daishin.co.jp/, Inc. large like
Achaia coffee like http://akayacoffee.com/
Co., Ltd. Hamasaki construction like http://hama-ken.com/
Co., Ltd. Kagoshima company pairs like http://shoungumi.jp/ southern construction co., Ltd. Mr. http://www.nansay.co.jp/
Marufuku construction co., Ltd. Mr. http://www.marufuku-civil.co.jp/
Corporation ARIMA builders like http://arimakoumuten.jp/
Studio Doo based like http://www.kouboutoki.jp/
Ramen expert komurasaki like http://www.kagoshimakomurasaki.com/
Marchon ramen-like http://www.maruchonramen.co.jp/
How it works http://www.tonkatsumoriyoshi.com/ tonkatsu Sheng
Kondo dental clinic like (Kumamoto Prefecture hitoyoshi City) http://www.imafuji-dc.or.jp/index.html
Tanaka kamaboko shop like http://www.agezukushi.co.jp/
Suupu which is called professional shop Satsuma 剛家 like http://www.asianspice.co.jp/
Materia Kirishima-like https://www.materialunch.jp/

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Product Phot ography,Architecture Photography,People and Portrait Photography,Food Photography,Interview Photography,Wedding Photography,Commemorative Photo,Interior Photography,Fashion Photography,Event / School Photography,Landscape Photography,Film Shooting


Commercial Studio 8-year architectural photography studios 10 years after independence

Work location

Comment: 鹿児島市内は出張費無料 その他出張費実費にて離島、及び九州管内、山口県、沖縄県、海外出張可能

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Photo Studio,Photo Outsite

Studio Equipment

Medium Photo Studio suitable for product photography


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