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Profile pictures and marriage use for SNS. We will shoot various portraits for business purposes, etc. ♪ In industries where photographs influence the number of customers, such as models, publicity photos, corporate HP (food and drink, night work related), you can enjoy the quality and skill of the photos. has a reputation for doing We will shoot so that you can enjoy yourself while praising the other party, so please feel free to contact us♪ We have a photo studio near Osaka Tanimachi 6-chome station. In addition to a natural atmosphere, full-body photography using background paper is also possible. The background paper is white, black, pink, blue, and orange. In addition to studio photography, business trip photography is also possible.

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・When I was a teenager, I went to a training school and aimed to become a talent. ・I have experience in DPE work related to photo printing. ・Over 1000 wedding shoots at a bridal production company. CD jacket shooting


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