What is Estimation Request?

Estimation Request enables you to receive proposals from tens of Creators including prices and artworks once you post your request.
 When should I use Estimation Request?

How it works

1. Post your request

Input budget, schedule, what you want to offer and make Estimation Request offer.
Please make sure to describe as detailed as possible, so that suitable specialists will apply for your project. Also, you may want to disclose your Client Name (company name) to get more applicants. Skillots Support Team checks the content of your post, then notify specialists who have related categories.

*If you are adding distribte options, we deliver your offer after your payment complete.
 Estimation Request distribute options

2. Invite specialists

If you find favorite specialists from Specialist Search, you can offer them to apply for your job by clicking [Invite] button on their profile.

*Specialists will apply for your job even if you don't invite them. You may use invitation function only when you want proposals from specific specialists.
*Some of specialists don't accept invitation. Their profile don't show [Invite] button.
 Inviting Specialists To Your Offer

3. Compare proposals

WHen you recieve proposals from specialists, you will be notified by email. Visit Estimation Request dashboard and check fees, reference images and applicants' profiles.
You can inform all applicants from Forum, or you can interview each applicants from Contact Form.
When you decide a specialist(s) to offer to, click [Hire] and send the applicant your offer. Also, please send Reject notification to the rest of applicants.


You can contact with trading partner anytime, anywhere on Project Room, which is the cloud meeting space.
After making a contract with the worker and making escrow payment with the credit card, you just wait for the person to get the job done. How to use the Project Rooms

5. Delivery

You will get deliverables on the Project Room. The worker will get paid after your inspection approval. In case the trading partner doesn't complete the job, you will get refund.

When should I use Estimation Request?

 When you couldn't find suitable Creator.

On Estimation Request, Creators will show you artworks which are similar to design/illustration you want. This make you easy to imagine each Creator's output.

 When you are in rush.

If you are needing to source design or illustration urgently, do Estimation Request as soon as possible. When you tell Creators that until when you need the design/illustration, only Creators who can do the work will submit their proposal. Some Clients have achieved to receive deliverables within a half day!

When your budget is limited

Even when the budget is not so large, you should not compromise on quality of design/illustration. Because Skillots has so many kinds of creators from top designer to students, you will find a suitable Creator for your Project.

When you need particular kind of skill.

Each Creators on Skillots has different skills and experiences. Estimation Request is good for finding a person who has particular kind of skills such as analogue drawing, 3DCG, Manga, brush calligraphy, industrial design, or fashion design. Also, it's good to find a person who has specific knowledge of each industries, marketing, law, or medication.
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