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I mainly produce acrylic paintings. I devote myself to exhibition and creative activities after graduation. I am good at colorful works and pop-like styles. We will do everything we can if we have requests such as fashion illustrations, one-point illustrations, drawings for youth (simple and pop things like unicorns and sweets), goods, literary requests, etc. To do. I don't draw anime-related works. Acrylics and colored pencils are often used on canvas. In the case of canvas, you can decorate it as it is. Since the picture is the main one, I often use a canvas of the same size (basic F3 / 273x220). If you wish to decorate a painting, feel free to ask about that.

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Pop youth fashion acrylic painting cute


Name: Louka Origin: France School: Creativity School 2018: 1st LOUKA Exhibition “Stardust dreaming” 2018-2019: 2nd <Chaotic> Futari Exhibition * Mainly acrylic painting (painting) Other illustrations and poetry Name: Ruka Age: 26 Home Town: France Home school: Sokei academy of fine art and design (2016)


・ Please refrain from canceling the production.・ Please contact us after confirming the image of the category work.・ Correcting the work is not possible because it is not data, but you can freely change the saturation, lightness and darkness (by Photoshop, etc.). Of course, only scanned data is possible, but only up to A4. In that case, the shipping fee will be deducted. Please do not hesitate to ask questions. Basically it is 15000 yen for F3, but it is set a little higher because the fee is 30%. Please note.


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