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Jp 日本語

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Thank you very much for your attention from among many creators. Although it is not a complete body, we will continue to pursue every day to deliver smiles to our customers. Thank you very much. ----------------------------------------- ■ Characteristics of picture · The atmosphere of the whole Soft I mainly produce warm illustrations. It seems that it is easy to understand if you catch it with keywords such as hoof, nohohon. ■ I'm good at female characters and deformed characters. I do not ask men and women of all ages. Animals will also be glad to draw. ■ Noncomputed mechanical system, Beastman ■ Career History Tommy Walker I am under master as a master candidate. ----------------------------------------- Personal site: 【never odd or even. 】 Https://coiwaico.jimdo.com/

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Illustrations including games illustration, animation etc.


Adopted as an illustration master candidate at Tommy Walker Co., Ltd. in 2013. Graduation graduation work "Lost Enfound" graduated from 2013, Tokyo Polytechnic Department Department of Arts, Department of Animation https://youtu.be/jVnR4DAk33o

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