What is Estimation Request?

Estimation Request enables you to receive proposals from tens of Creators including prices and artworks once you post your request.

  • 1. Post your requestInput budget, schedule, what you want to offer.
  • 2. Send your request to CreatorsWe check your request and notify Creators who has related skill with your request.
  • 3. Compare proposalsCreators will send prices and referable artworks when they are interested in your project.
When Should I use it?

When you couldn't find suitable Creator.

On Estimation Request, Creators will show you artworks which are similar to design/illustration you want. This make you easy to imagine each Creator's output.

When you are in rush.

If you are needing to source design or illustration urgently, do Estimation Request as soon as possible. When you tell Creators that until when you need the design/illustration, only Creators who can do the work will submit their proposal. Some Clients have achieved to receive deliverables within a half day!

When your budget is limited

Even when the budget is not so large, you should not compromise on quality of design/illustration. Because Skillots has so many kinds of creators from top designer to students, you will find a suitable Creator for your Project.

When you need particular kind of skill.

Each Creators on Skillots has different skills and experiences. Estimation Request is good for finding a person who has particular kind of skills such as analogue drawing, 3DCG, Manga, brush calligraphy, industrial design, or fashion design. Also, it's good to find a person who has specific knowledge of each industries, marketing, law, or medication.

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