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One page cartoon :JPY26,250

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Jp 日本語


Nice to meet you.

I manga and illustrations we are acting as a main.
We provide fast delivery and we boast rapid, depending on the contents.

Manga is actual manga produced introduces the service for the enterprise in the past and currently is some publishing house responsible for the on State. Thank you so continue to devote itself to provide early, also cheap and high quality ones.

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Character design cartoon illustrations


While office workers now are personal activities.
For the actual
And services to the corporate WEB site introducing manga
Poster production on local pachinko parlor

And as the content of the Bulletin magazine manga in the pachinko parlor
As you have been. Illustrations and manga are produced as a hobby.


For comic production

The page can vary.
After confirming the name stage and arrangement put pen to enter. Also in black and white only, is also available for カラーマンガ.

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