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One calligraphy logo :JPY30,000

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Jp 日本語

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Under the Yamanote Qing Peng teacher from the time of the 8-year-old, came under the leadership certificate basic ( classical rinsho ) and creative freedom.
Typeface's body ( 楷-lines, grass, tenbun, Zhili Province ) introduction, until the wooden tablets, ancient characters, modern poetry allows Street productions, clients ' of that can meet the demands the utmost efforts.

And also wants to have intimate and pursue the possibility of hope.

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  • Gender:private
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  • Career:12year(s)
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Brush character General [regularly (modern poetry book), ancient characters], store logos, signage, naming, masthead


◆ Sankei International Association: jury members, Xian Beilin international rinsho exhibition: member submission to Allah (councilor), Hiroshima Prefecture written Art Promotion Association: Councilor, blue heart calligraphy Association: normal, Qing Peng calligraphy Association: President

◆ Hiroshima shudo University Ph.d. (doctor of Economics): Hiroshima shudo University, maritime SDF Executive candidate students, school lecturers, etc. (Economic Affairs)
◆ the award-winning
Sankei international book exhibition: 18th exhibition of Sankei Newspaper Award, 21 exhibition yujin award, 28 exhibition 無鑑査 membership special encouragement award
Xian Beilin international rinsho exhibition: 9th, 12th Exhibition ' 21 century Award ', no. 11, 13 times exhibition quasi monument forest award, no. 14, 15 times exhibition special prize Other award-winning number


Aim to feel pleasure through calligraphy, written works.

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