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Jp 日本語


MOE is the beautiful girl, deformed, SD, pop and stuff.

Watercolor painting, painting, or other response is possible.
Dvdrip, commercial, and we accept your request, regardless of personal guests.

Please consult whatever advertising illustration and character design and literary coterie magazine cover.
Can be difficult to tell the exact image
So we made from color image and atmosphere, etc.

Please feel free to consult.
Animation is all digital.

We can deliver most PSD, SAI, AI, EPS, etc file formats.
Price varies slightly depending on the delivery and style.
For delivery times please consult from time to time.

2013, In a somewhat busy feeling and it is. Thank you.

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12月9日(金)発売『コミケPlus Vol.7』にて1枚描かせて頂きました。オリジ衣装のミクさんです。

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Illustrations, cartoons, and logo design


◆ 2013 / 8 ◆
-NIWAKASOFT co., Ltd. Mr. スマホラノベゲー heroine Cara drafts and pictures standing number of points and still several points
◆ 2013 / 7 ◆
Ltd. テコテック-like social game 1 set
Infinite art-like Corporation trick art for illustration 1 set
◆ 2013 / 6 ◆
Ltd. pokelabo-like social game 1 set
Inc. Wakka who request social game 2 set
Kakogawa line utilization promotion, along the regional activation Council like flyers illustrations 1 point
Non-registered social card games 1
◆ it prior to ◆
-WAKUWAKU.COM our site TOP illustration 1 point and other incremental number of points
Company search field like social game Summoner bit collection coloring 2
Co., Ltd. pokelabo-like social game "triple INFINITY' 1 set
Samurai soul Inc. now like social game 2 set
Other products introduced cartoon flyer poster sticker illustrations Main illustration design of cars, etc.


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