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Jp 日本語


Regardless of print, web and advertising, we are happy to work for cartoons and illustrations. There are cartoons production based on the gathered experience. Depending on the project design that is possible.

I can help you communicate clearly your services and products to customers. * For typesetting ( beat words ) and logo usually work not included. Please note that the can accept that non-professional work.

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  • Area:Japan
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進研ゼミ中学講座 付録冊子「中2マイスタイル」平成27年5月号に掲載。(2015年納品)


会員向け情報誌「y・avenue 2018 SPRING 増刊号」に掲載。(2018年納品)

会員向け情報誌「y・avenue 2018 SPRING 増刊号」に掲載。(2018年納品)

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  • FAX DMに使用する6コママンガ

    FAX DMに使用する6コママンガ

    Fee: JPY19,440 (Tax Included) Completed Date: 2017.08.17 Terms: 22日

    Client: 株式会社メディカグループ(Newspapers, Magazines, Radio, TV)

    ● Purpose of requesting comic book production / overview: (I will describe as much as possible) I would like to write a business comic to use with fax DM to a construction shop or design office. It is...

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  • 「ソーラーUPS って何?」マンガ制作

    「ソーラーUPS って何?」マンガ制作

    Fee: Private Completed Date: 2012.08.29 Terms: 124日

    Client: 非公開(電気工事)

    Care is like. What is solar UPS?
    Of the commissioned projects.

    Stage direction is thought still is. Just a quick note, leave launched projects.

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  • 法人WEBページ用4コマ漫画


    Fee: Private Completed Date: 2012.02.27 Terms: 40日

    Client: 非公開(建設業)

    Thank you for your proposal submission. We have to decide the results in internal talks many times multiple creators (and two of them are) and hearing.
    Please answer as may teach the following. 1.

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Product PR, corporate introduction, advertising cartoon, teaching illustrations, comedy touch


-Past work
 -Web comic, magazine
 Scare stories (こわばな) web comic monkey dreams SM-Ginza shopping street ' Southern revival!
 The volume '
 Monthly position behind ネタシリーズ

Posting example http://sp.mainichi.jp/m/sumamachi/news.html?cid=20130902mul00m200018000c
 • Company profile, service introduces cartoon
 Apollo co., Ltd., construction paint co., Ltd., bride wadding co., Ltd.,
 Sunward trading co., Ltd., Shin-ETSU electric disaster co., Ltd. other companies

Posting example http://sdb-solarups.nagano-now.info/
 -Illustrations for teaching materials
 Kirari ☆ moral moral teaching material for junior high school students March 24, 2003 Corporation, Inc. published in part "This just the master!
 IT Passport illustrated instructional book 2011 "Japan economic newspaper published in some

Information systems & it industry know how good the latest q industry sense? RAND Japan businessman publishers published in some
 Katsushika city factory story Heisei 22-24 certified product story in six episodes
 (Sama Sama Tokyo Chamber, Katsushika-Ku, Katsushika Branch) Posting example http://www.tokyo-cci.or.jp/katsushika/machikoba/products.html

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