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Thank you for viewing my profile. My name is Garo. I will draw an illustration according to your wishes. Even if you do not have a solid image of everything, we will think together and help you realize your ideal. I can draw animals and backgrounds, regardless of age or gender. The range of patterns that can be handled is wide, and it is possible to create drawings that match your desired taste. We are looking for jobs for both companies and individuals. If you are even slightly interested, please feel free to contact us. <What we can handle> Character illustrations (life-size people/animals) and icon characters can be drawn without restrictions on age, gender, thinness, or fatness. Beastmen, non-humans, and monsters are also possible. Draw in various compositions without angle restrictions. *We do not accept 1-frame/1P format video comics or product PR comics. Main achievements▼ ・Standing pictures for youtube distribution (game commentary) ・Game package illustrations ・Various SNS icons ・Illustration for Vtuber goods ・Blog illustrations About] While working as a web designer at a company, I am doing production as a side job. Since I go out for meetings every Wednesday, it seems that replies to messages are often late at night. I will do my best to reply as soon as possible.

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Character Illustration Game Illustration Male Animal


■Please contact us for commercial use and transfer of copyright. ■ Self-made remarks, secondary distribution, etc. are prohibited (secondary processing: texting, trimming only allowed) ■ Excessive sexual depictions, goods and grotesque depictions (R-18/R-18G/filth) are not allowed. ■Derivative creations without official permission and drawings by celebrities are not supported.

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