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Jp 日本語


I am a freelance graphic designer, ns-design. We design printed materials, DTP, and create small websites. I am good at relatively clean and simple design. We will design the content you want to convey in an easy-to-read manner and produce it so that it catches the eye of the viewer. Please contact us by all means! ★ Main items handled ○ Design of printed matter Flyer/Flyer/Brochure/Booklet such as catalogs and pamphlets/Business cards/cards/Other printed matter In principle, we create design data, but we also consult about printing orders. We accept. Also supports PDF output. We also deal with: Please contact us for details such as style! ○ Small-scale homepage (website) production ○ We also accept requests for image production and illustrations, as well as production of banners for homepages.

  • Creator ID:29711
  • Gender:Female
  • Age:private
  • Career:5year(s)
  • Area:Japan
  • Last Login:Within 3 months


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Production of leaflets, brochures, banners, etc.


★Main career After graduating from the engineering department (industrial chemistry) of a four-year university, I studied design at Vantan Career School a few years later, and changed my job to a design job. After 10 years of experience in producing printed materials such as pamphlets, catalogs, newspaper advertisements, and posters at an advertising agency and a software import and sales company, I have been working as a freelancer. I was also involved in website updates and page creation when I was working for a company. ★Used OS, software Mac OS Adobe CC (Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign, Acrobat, DreamWeaver) ★Major production achievements ◯Printed product pamphlets, flyers, business cards, advertisements (academic journals, information magazines, etc.), booklets, novelty data production , exhibition banners, posters, etc. (from design production to print data submission) ◯Web Small-scale website new production, update work, WordPress site new production, banner image production for e-mail magazines, etc.


・Separate fees may be charged for illustration production, map production, etc. Please contact us for details.・We also accept orders for printing.

Currently, this creator is not available for new projects. Please consider to find other creators.
If you want to know the situation of this artist, please contact us.

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