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Jp 日本語

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I have been shooting in Japan for 15 years and in Thailand for 16 years. In Japan, I was working as a director photographer for an advertising production company, so I can handle all types of photo/video shoots. In Thailand, in addition to advertising photography, we also handle event photography, educational institution photography, company information photography, and drone photography.

  • Creator ID:29664
  • Gender:Male
  • Age:54y.o.
  • Career:41year(s)
  • Area:Thailand
  • Last Login:Within 3 months


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Photographer Koji Onishi Originally from Shinagawa, Tokyo / Lives in Yokosuka Graduated from Tama Art University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department 2 (currently Faculty of Art and Design) 1992 NEC Printing Video Production Department Studied under photographer Hideo Masuda 1994 Playboy Editing, Shueisha Co., Ltd. Studied under photographer Noboru Nakamura 1996 Arte Co., Ltd. Studied under photographer Hideo Kawazu 1997 Joined Tokyo Ad Designers Photography Department 2001 Chief Photographer 2004 Director Photographer 2006 Joined 68 STUDIO, Bangkok, Thailand March 2008 Joined Light Up Co., Ltd. August 2008 Seconded to SIAM LIGHT UP Co., Ltd. (Representative Director) August 2010 Established JK CREATION Limited Partnership January 2016 Reorganized into JK CREATION CO., LTD November 2021 Established Taihei Creative LLC Founded in Japan Member of the Japan Professional Photographers Society (JPS), Member of the Japan Advertising Photographers Association (APA) Currently, we are shooting both stills and movies in ASEAN, China and South Asia. Awards 2001 Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun Series Advertisement Award Fujitsu "Storage Server" 2004 57th Dentsu Advertising Award Semi-advertising Dentsu Award Toshiba "FACE PASS" 42nd Nihon Kogyo Shimbun Industrial Advertisement Award Toshiba "FACE PASS" Photo Exhibition 2004 November & November 2006 APA Ichikikai “I LOVE YOU” held at the Setagaya Art Museum November 2007 Submitted to the APA “One Piece of the Whole Body” photo exhibition Held at the Fujifilm Gallery Major work advertisements in Japan / ANA, Esty deodorizing power, deodorizing power, (photographed in Thailand), YKK corporate advertisement (global transmission/photographed in Thailand), MIKI Prune (photographed in Thailand), Alpine (photographed in Thailand), AEON (Southeast Asia) All areas and China), Daiwa House (all areas of Southeast Asia and China), SEKISUI (Thailand) Hitachi HA White Goods (partially filmed in Thailand), MAZDA ZOOM-ZOOM (Thailand) NTT DoCoMo "musea" "FOMA", Lion Kirei Kirei, FUJIFILM "Family Photo Studio" series, Snow Brand "Snow Brand Cup Jump Tournament" series, JR East "One Day Asama Ticket" "Futari no Holiday Pass", Bridgestone Sports "Paradizo, Mitsukoshi" Fashion catalog, JR Tokai "2005 3 time schedule revision" "Express reservation" series, Magazine / CREA Traveler, PEN (The cover of 2016/815 was also photographed, photographed in Phuket) TV / Traveling on the highway of the world (still in program ), from a train window around the world (drone footage) Major work in Thailand Bangkok Bank, Asahi Beer, Panasonic Cold Chain, Sharp, Kagome Thailand, Kokuyo International, Yamamori, Sato Japanese Restaurant, Sukiya Thailand, Nihontei Group, UCC Thailand, Thai Wacoal, Daikin Thailand, Thai AP Honda, Nestle Thailand "Coffee Mate" series, Ootoya Thailand, Mitsumori, FamilyMart Thailand, Thai Obayashi, Thai Kashima, Thai Takenaka, Thai Penta Ocean, Tokukura Thai magazine / ELLE DECORATION THAILAND, G Diary (Cover & Intro Gravure)

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