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Nice to meet you, I'm Tsuyoshi Yamashita Thank you for taking a look at my profile among the many photographers. [I want to see the smiles of many people, I want to leave memories] I am shooting with the feeling. Our motto is to have fun communicating with each other while shooting! Please let me capture your wonderful moments ♩ [Contents of shooting] Profile photos, portraits, publicity photos, family photos, couple photos, shrine visits, Shichigosan coming-of-age ceremony, pre-coming-of-age ceremony, maternity photos, friends・Family shooting ・Location shooting Studio shooting ・Event shooting ・Party shooting ・Interview shooting School photo ・Sports shooting etc. Especially small children are capricious. Times other than the shooting time, such as changing diapers and eating, will not be counted as part of the shooting time. Even if you are worried about your child's physical strength, we will shoot many natural scenes while playing and resting! Let's wait for the best smile together! We are looking forward to your inquiry not only for special occasions, but also for drinking parties, karaoke, etc. For couple photos, we will shoot at your favorite places such as parks and towns, so please feel free to contact us. ※※About shooting※※ ・Hair and make-up will not be provided, so please do it yourself. If you are unsure about what to wear, please let us know!・If there is an entrance fee, please pay for the photographer as well. [Prevention and response to the new coronavirus] We will take measures to prevent infection, giving top priority to the health and safety of our customers and photographers. If you have a change in physical condition such as fever or malaise, we will change the shooting date, so please feel free to contact us. In addition, we will wear a mask during the temperature measurement and meeting on the day of the shoot. [Benefit 1] As a freelance photographer, you can contact us 24 hours a day! Clients with small children may ask if it is okay to contact them [in the middle of the night] after they have fallen asleep. No problem at any time of the night. Please feel free to contact us even if you have an urgent request. We can shoot on weekdays and Saturdays and Sundays, and we can handle a wide range of time zones, such as morning, noon, and evening. [Benefit 2] We will deliver about 100 photos. I think that a good photo that the photographer thinks is not necessarily a good photo for the client, so I will take as many memories as possible. [Benefit 3] We will always reply within 24 hours. We welcome inquiries prior to making a request. We will always reply within 24 hours, so please feel free to contact us even if your request is urgent. [Photography permission] In many cases, it is necessary to obtain photography permission for outdoor photography (parks, shrines and temples, etc.). Please note that we ask the customer to confirm and apply for shooting. (If there is a fee, it will be borne by the customer) [Admission fee] Please note that the customer will be responsible for the entrance fee, etc., if necessary. Transportation to the site We will visit you by public transportation or car. [Regarding cancellations and date changes] We have detailed explanations about cancellations in the Frequently Asked Questions section, so please make sure you understand this before making a request. Disclaimer: We pay close attention to the management and maintenance of shooting equipment, but in the unlikely event that data is lost due to equipment failure or theft, or if shooting is impossible for some reason, the application fee will be refunded. Thank you for your understanding. Thank you for watching until the end! I'm looking forward to seeing you at the shoot

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  • Gender:Male
  • Age:29y.o.
  • Career:5year(s)
  • Area:Japan
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Ever since I was a teenager, I had a strong desire to capture memories in a form, so I bought a single-lens reflex camera. After that, I worked at a photo studio for two years. I mainly took pictures of Shichigosan, family commemorative photos, profile photos, and pre-coming-of-age ceremony photos. I have been working as a freelance photographer for about two and a half years now. Including the above shooting content, we have received requests from a large number of customers such as wedding photos, shrine visits, event shooting, promotional material shooting, HP shooting, sports shooting, etc.


・What I keep in mind at work I will share the image of the photo I want to take and work on it. I try to capture natural facial expressions. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. We are looking forward to meeting many of you!

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