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One character (Single point of view) :JPY7,200

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Jp 日本語

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I'm a freelance illustrator who loves games. I mainly create character designs and illustrations for characters used in videos such as YouTube. Draw pop, cool & cute mini characters regardless of age or gender. We also have experience in designing and creating print data at goods stores, and we can also create data for printing.

  • Creator ID:29500
  • Gender:Female
  • Age:private
  • Career:1year(s)
  • Area:Non-Public
  • Last Login:Within 3 months


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There are no project which is permited to show here.


Character Design


Game shop store display contest award winning KGK official goods design production


▼ The following contents are not accepted. Please be sure to confirm it.・ Requests for the above prohibited items ・ Requests to make the design look like someone else's style ・ Masked character design, realism, realistic depiction / copyright, portrait rights, trademark rights Requests that conflict with infringement. → Copying corporate products, creating unauthorized portraits, characterizing celebrities, and secondary creation illustrations of copyrighted works and mascots.・ Grotesque, violent expressions, R18 series illustrations. (It is possible to depict horror to some extent if it is not grotesque) ✖ Prohibitions ✖ ・ Articles and advertisements containing false accusation and false accusation, resale, use in adult media, listing on NFT, to third parties Resale and resale of illustration data (including processing data) → Goods are not applicable.・ Self-made remarks (act of deceiving the author) → Since the moral rights of the author are not abandoned in any case, even if the work results cannot be disclosed, we will announce that we are the author.

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