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R-18 Moe-style Illustration

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hello! My name is Kubocchi. Focusing on the production of SNS icons, we are creating cool and cute illustrations. We mainly produce icons, mini characters, standing pictures, VTyuber, etc. ● Please read "Service Details" before making a request. We also actively accept consultations before purchase. Is this all right? Please feel free to contact us if you have any concerns. You can get a quote even if the frame is full! Please speak to me from the DM. Depending on the situation, it may be started immediately. We will do our best to meet the request of the client. Please feel free to contact us ♪ ○ What you can do Create illustrations of people, for all ages, draw like a picture of 〇〇 (consultation required) × What you can not do Create illustrations other than people, urgent production, price cuts, age restrictions Full-scale caricature ・ Significant change from [Production template] ● Production cost ・ Mini character 1000 yen ・ Icon 2000 yen ・ Standing picture 3000 yen (transparent) ・ Vtyuber 5000 yen There is also a free option, so please see the sample image for details. Please refer to each price list of. ● How to proceed with production ① Please send a [production template] by direct message (please check "Request for purchase") ② After checking the rough drawing of the line drawing, please check it as soon as the line drawing is clean. (Free correction of line drawing) ③ Please check the completed data for which coloring is completed (Free correction of color) ④ Delivery is complete ――― ● Delivery time It takes about 2 to 3 weeks to deliver. The delivery date may change in some cases. We will carefully draw each item so that we can deliver it in good faith. Feel free to contact us if you are new and uneasy! Thank you for reading to the end.

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SNS icons, headers, standing pictures, Vtyuber


It is a [template] to know the customer's wishes and requests in detail. Please fill in the following [template] in order. ――― [Production template] ◇ Genre Mini character / Icon (normal head and body) / Standing picture (normal head and body) / VTuber 〇Character facial expression pose Hair color Hairstyle Hair length Eye color Tops Bottoms Shoes Appearance age ◇ Background single color Pattern / Transparent ◇ Picture atmosphere ◇ Commercial use Yes / No ◇ Usage (URL etc.) ◇ Image size ◇ Reference image that matches your desired image ◇ Additional options ――― Send “Reference image that matches your desired image” If you do, you will be able to know the request of the requester in more detail. □ Precautions ・ Illustrations at the time of confirmation, modification / redistribution of finished products, and self-made remarks are prohibited.・ Use other than the final delivery is prohibited.・ There is a possibility that the completed work will be posted on achievements, samples, SNS publication, etc. Please note.

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